Boosted Tea Kits

Boosted Teas… Better for your taste buds, and your body!
After growing up with Herbalife Nutrition from an early age, I understand what good nutrition and living a healthy active lifestyle is like. For me, more recently, my life revolves around my healthy meal shake in the morning, and my boosted tea to sip on throughout the day. All throughout high school and now being a college student, I cannot go a day without having a boosted tea in my water bottle. Especially while being surrounded by friends drinking sugary energy drinks that make, you crash when you are done drinking them, and feeling drowsy all day long. I have realized how simple my life is when I am drinking my boosted teas!
 Clean energy, B vitamins, vitamin C, and ginkgo biloba, collagen… low sugar and low calorie and NO CRASH! What more could you ask for in an “energy drink”?
So... What’s in them?
-Liftoff: Comes in 6 different flavors, all packed with B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and ginkgo biloba for a clean energy boost with clarity and focus.
-Herbal Tea Concentrate: A metabolism boosting tea made with caffeine, orange pekoe, and green tea. It aids in antioxidant support and comes in 4 different flavors in our individual packet size, or 6 in a bottle.
-Collagen: Great for fine lines and wrinkles or simply to support hair, skin, and nails! Made with vitamins A, C, and E to help prevent free radical damage.
Aloe Vera: With 3 tasty flavors, aloe is great for absorbing nutrients and supporting gut health! Think of putting aloe on a sunburn to soothe the skin, that’s what it does for your gut.  
-Sugar Free Flavorings: For a healthy way to create endless tea combinations!
Every month I am offering 3 new flavors, if you want the whole authentic boosted tea experience, order a pint of aloe along with your kits for gut health support in the tea, on the side, or any time of day!
Here’s how it works:
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